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Online therapeutic parent support servicing the entire state of Oregon. From up North down to Southern Oregon, including Portland, Grants Pass, Medford, and Ashland, and all the places in between.

Exploring the Benefits of Parental Support

All parents should have a safe place to improve their parenting skills, regardless of their background or experience. Parenting is hard and always changing, so it’s normal for parents to face difficulties while raising their kids. Therefore, it is crucial for them to have a place where they can seek personalized help and guidance.

Parenting is not a one-size-fits-all journey. Each child is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. This is where a devoted area for parents to enhance their abilities becomes priceless.

Parents often face common challenges with their children, which can differ based on their circumstances and the age of their kids.

Common struggles parents often face…

Sleep Deprivation: New parents, in particular, often experience disrupted sleep patterns due to a baby’s feeding and sleep schedule.

Balancing Work and Family: Juggling a career and family responsibilities can be challenging, leading to stress and time management issues.

Discipline and Behavior Issues: Handling a child’s misbehavior and finding effective discipline techniques can be difficult.

Financial Stress: Raising children can be expensive, leading to financial worries and budget constraints.

Lack of Me-Time: Parents often have limited time for self-care or pursuing personal interests.

Parenting Styles and Conflicts: Differences in parenting styles between co-parents can lead to conflicts and disagreements.

Teenage Rebellion: Dealing with adolescents’ changing attitudes and behaviors can be trying.

Work-Life Balance: Finding a healthy balance between career and family life can be challenging.

Childcare and Schooling Decisions: Choosing the right childcare options and making education-related decisions can be complex.

Peer Pressure and Bullying: Parents may need to address issues related to their child’s social interactions, including peer pressure and bullying.

Sibling Rivalry: Managing conflicts and jealousy among siblings can be a struggle.

Health and Safety Concerns: Parents worry about their child’s health and safety, from illnesses to accidents.

Technology and Screen Time: Regulating screen time and managing technology use can be a constant battle.

Parental Guilt: Feeling guilty about not being able to do everything perfectly or spending enough time with the children.

Emotional Support: Parents may need support for their own emotional well-being, as they navigate the challenges of parenting.

“Parenting is not about being perfect. It’s about doing your best and letting that be enough.”

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Together we will…

Nurture a stronger emotional connection with your child.

 Learn stress-coping strategies for a balanced life.

Gain insights into your child’s developmental milestones.

Improve co-parenting dynamics if applicable.

Establish healthy boundaries and expectations.

Prioritize self-care and well-being as a parent.

Develop skills for effective problem-solving within the family.

Identify and build a supportive network for your family.

Discover valuable parenting resources and tools.

Set and achieve parenting goals aligned with your family’s needs.

Foster empathy and better understand your child’s perspective.

insurance coverage accepted:

Health Share of Oregon

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Jackson Care Connect

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Reach out today and let me support you on this incredible adventure of raising your children. 

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