Individual Therapy

Teens & Adults

Are you struggling with anxiety or stress?

Do you feel overwhelmed by depression?

Are conflicts harming your relationships?

Is past trauma affecting your daily life?

Is low self-esteem holding you back?

Need healthier coping skills?

Searching for purpose or direction?

Are you grieving a loss?

Struggling to manage anger?

Want to improve your communication skills?

Discover compassionate and professional online individual therapy, tailored for both teens and adults across Oregon. Professional therapist, Esther Berg, is dedicated to providing expert mental health support through virtual counseling.

Whether you’re in the bustling streets of Portland, the serene landscapes of Southern Oregon, or anywhere from Grants Pass to Medford and Ashland, our services are accessible to you.

Experience the convenience of quality therapy from the comfort of your home, no matter where you are in the Beaver State.

With a deep understanding of the unique communities throughout Oregon, our therapists are equipped to help you navigate life’s challenges.

Connect with us today and begin your journey towards healing and personal growth with Oregon’s preferred online therapy provider.

Amid the whirlwind of life’s challenges, we are presented with a profound opportunity: to evolve, to emerge stronger, and to sculpt our character and bonds with a deeper awareness.

A beautiful calming lake in Oregon. This could symbolize the relief that counseling in Oregon can offer. Learn more about what to expect in therapy by searching "emotion-based therapy in Oregon" to get in touch with a highly skilled therapist today.

At Healing House Therapy, Professional Therapist, Esther Berg will guide your journey to…

Strengthen the Mind-Body Connection

Deepen Emotional Awareness

Embrace Uncomfortable Thoughts and Emotions

Nourish the Connection to Self

Honor Your Natural Protective Strategies

Boost Comfort with Emotional Intimacy

Develop Effective Influencing Skills

Establish and Maintain Healthy Boundaries



Change is Possible.

insurance coverage accepted:

Health Share of Oregon

Care Oregon

Jackson Care Connect

DMAP/Open Card


And discover how to develop a strong inner strength that embraces and integrates every part of yourself, empowering you to confidently navigate life’s greatest challenges.

Christie Leonard, LCSW | Peaceful Roots Counseling | Mindfulness Therapy and Meditation Groups | Tampa Bay, FL