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Reignite the Spark with Expert Couples Counseling

Welcome to Healing House Therapy PDX, where every relationship is given the chance to blossom anew. If you and your partner are navigating through the rough seas of a relationship, you’re not alone. Esther Berg is a compassionate and skilled therapists  that specializes in couple’s counseling, offering a sanctuary for partners seeking deeper connection, improved communication, and renewed understanding.

Embark on a transformative journey with our expertly designed couples therapy sessions that address the unique challenges of modern relationships. Whether it’s reigniting passion, managing conflict, or rebuilding trust, my tailored approach ensures that you and your partnership’s specific needs are met with care and confidentiality.

I understand that searching for ‘couples counseling near me’ or ‘relationship help’ marks a critical step towards healing and growth for many couples. That’s why I am dedicated to providing you with scientifically proven strategies and a supportive environment to foster the loving partnership you deserve.

Begin the path to a stronger, healthier bond today. Explore my site to learn more about the services I offer and how couples counseling can be the catalyst for lasting love and mutual respect.

Just as a garden needs nurturing and care to grow, so does a relationship

Common Reasons People Seek Couples Counseling

Communication breakdown:

Partners struggle to express themselves or listen effectively.


Seeking to rebuild trust and heal after one or both partners have been unfaithful.

Intimacy issues:

Challenges in maintaining a physical and emotional connection.

Life transitions:

Navigating changes like parenthood, relocation, or career shifts.

Financial disagreements:

Overcoming conflicts regarding spending, saving, and financial goals.

Conflict resolution:

Learning to resolve disputes without damaging the relationship.

Value or belief differences:

Aligning on core values, spirituality, and life goals.

Family dynamics:

Dealing with in-law issues or differing parenting styles.

Emotional distance:

Feeling disconnected or like roommates instead of partners.

Pre-marital preparation:

Building a strong foundation before marriage.

Health issues:

Supporting each other through physical or mental health challenges.

Jealousy and trust issues:

Overcoming feelings of insecurity or possessiveness.

Time management:

Balancing work, personal time, and the relationship.

Coping with loss:

Dealing with grief or the impact of losing a loved one.

Unresolved past issues:

Addressing baggage that affects the current relationship.

Toxic patterns:

Identifying and changing destructive behaviors.


Establishing healthy boundaries and individual identities.

Substance abuse:

Managing the impact of drugs or alcohol on the relationship.

Sexual dissatisfaction:

Addressing differences in sexual needs or desires.


Collaborating on big decisions like moving or changing jobs.

 It’s normal for relationships to face difficulties, and it doesn’t mean the end. With effort, understanding, and a commitment to growth, relationships can not only recover but also become even stronger.

A beautiful calming lake in Oregon. This could symbolize the relief that counseling in Oregon can offer. Learn more about what to expect in therapy by searching "emotion-based therapy in Oregon" to get in touch with a highly skilled therapist today.

Repair. Reconnect. Build Trust.

Together we will…

Improve communication skills

Develop conflict resolution skills

Rebuild trust 

Enhance harmony and peace

Boost physical intimacy and emotional bonds

 Learn how to handle stress and pressures with ease

Match up life goals, values, and priorities

Create a shared vision for the future.

Master the art of establishing and honoring healthy boundaries

Build toward a safe and secure relationship.

Develop a better understanding of each other’s feelings and experiences

Increase self-awareness

Find ways to help and support each other when partners have had difficult experiences in the past.

Sustain a strong and enduring connection. 

Nurture a deep bond in your relationship

Two people holding a bouquet of wildflowers. This could symbolize the relief that counseling in Oregon can offer. Learn more about what to expect in therapy by searching "emotion-based therapy in Oregon" to get in touch with a highly skilled therapist today.
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To overcome challenges, strengthen your bond, and build a happier, healthier partnership together!

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